Aleksandra Chancy Founder, DACK Consulting Solutions, Inc

Aleksandra Chancy

Aleksandra Chancy is a licensed Professional Engineer, certified in the states of New York and California. She possesses a versatile technical background which ranges from design to construction and stretches across the entire industry. A native of Haiti, Ms. Chancy first came to this country to study engineering at the University of Miami in Florida. While there, she earned a dual degree in Architectural Engineering and Civil Engineering with high honors, after which she went on to earn a Masters of Structural Engineering from Purdue University. Upon graduation, she was employed as a designer of structural systems for a large engineering firm. During this early phase of her career, she gained valuable experience working on a wide variety of building types for both the private and public sector. Over time, Ms. Chancy found herself increasingly drawn to the challenges of project management and eventually decided to make management the focus of her career. In 1997, she founded DACK Consulting, a firm dedicated to providing a large scope of project management services to Owners as well as Contractors. More than 18 years later, her company has provided services on all types of buildings, in all phases of the construction and development process. DACK has teamed successfully with some of the largest design and construction companies in business today, including Turner International and URS. In all cases, whether the project is large or small, Ms. Chancy is proud of DACK’s commitment to give clients the very best professional services on the market. In addition to being Principal of DACK Consulting, Ms. Chancy is an adjunct professor at Columbia University for the Master’s in Construction Administration program and teaches in several mentorship programs, such as the New York MTA Mentorship Program. Ms. Chancy is a member of several professional organizations, including The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), The American Association of Cost Engineers (AACE), and The American Institute of Architects (AIA). She also gives generously of her time and expertise to several needy organizations and programs in the New York area.